Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 5: June 13

 On our way to Queenstown from Te Anau, we stopped at a sheep farm to see how New Zealand's famous wool is produced. First, Andrew (Andy) and his father (the farm owners) explained some basics of sheep sheering, then introduced two of his dogs: Spick and Clyde (I think...). Just like Mambo, they were begging for attention and loved to run and hop over the fences. Not to mention their love of scaring the living hell out of the sheep. We all watched and snapped some pictures while Andy, Spick, and Clyde rounded up the sheep to get them into the sheering room. I enjoyed watching this process, but also watching the sheep hop over each other trying to shove their way out of the huddle. Once all of the sheep were in the sheering room, Andy brought one out for a little haircut. It seemed as if the sheep knew exactly what to do: be jello. Despite the sheep's heavy weight, I don't think I've ever seen any animal or human more cooperative for a haircut. A few of us tried our best at holding the sheep, and he still complied. Then Miles took a stab at--almost literally--sheering another sheep and cut his bottom a bit. No worries... The sheep is still good as gold. Ya like that New Zealand lingo? :) Anyway... Then another dog came along, begging for some love. His name was Buddy, a German Short-haired Pointer. He would approach you, sit, be petted, and while somewhat still sitting, he would waddle over to another person. Adorable. Ok enough with the dog stuff. I really enjoyed the sheep farm and being able to see how a true Kiwi earns a living. After seeing such an interesting demonstration, it was time to get back on the bus and make our way to Queenstown.


  1. Why does the sheep have blue on it? Great shot Alex!

  2. they spray paint them for some labeling system. i couldnt really desctibe it to you... thanks!! :)